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Buildings - Triangle Statics

Available in almost any length and in widths of 8m, 10m & 12m, Triangle static buildings are similarly constructed to the mobile except that the uprights that support the structure are fixed to a concrete base rather than welded onto the skids.

Liberty Triangle statics are constructed to the exacting standards required to produce a robust, long lasting yet low cost building able to withstand the ever-changing conditions of our climate, providing a secure and pleasant environment for livestock. They are fully insulated using on the walls galvanised steel faced sandwich panels offering 40mm of high density foam insulation, with 80mm of Kraft bonded fibreglass on the roof under a heavy duty reinforced canvas, which carries a 10 year guarantee against UV degradation.

    Key Features

  • 8m, 10m or 12m wide
  • Fully insulated and galvanised construction similar to mobiles, for a longer economical life
  • Cost advantages for both initial purchase and ongoing costs compared to conventional static buildings
  • Available in specialised versions for laying and table poultry, pigs, sheep, calves, deer etc.
  • Choice of colours

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