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Buildings / C-Lines Statics

Liberty C-lines Static buildings offer a simple quick and effective solution to a variety of livestock housing and commercial and agricultural storage problems. Each building is custom designed and built using a modular prefabricated approach, bringing together modern methods and materials in a traditional design. The entire building including the roofing is fully galvanised and the walls and roof are insulated to a high standard. A quick and simple footing system is used which enables very rapid construction once the base has been laid, with a standard 1000 sqm unit taking no more than 14 days to construct.

C-lines buildings are available in a range of colours to fit different environmental requirements, and come in a range of sizes from 12m wide.

    Key Features

  • Fully insulated and galvanised construction with rigid steel roof
  • Better hygiene because of cleaner interior lines
  • Available in specialised versions for laying and table poultry, pigs, sheep, calves, deer etc. as well a variety of other non-agricultural storage applications.
  • Choice of colours

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